Diagnostic and Testing


How has treatment of pain changed over the years?


Open MRI


The confining tunnel of a traditional MRI machine can cause anxiety or be physically uncomfortable. We have open MRI, which allow you more room, less confinement, and better examination of smaller body parts such as your hand, wrist, and neck.

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Electrodiagnostic Studies


With board certified electrodiagnostic studies specialists on staff, we offer our patients thorough evaluation of numbness, tingling, and progressive weakness in the extremities. We first perform a nerve conduction study and then a needle electromyography. With our expertise in the area of electrodiagnostic studies and the comprehensive specialized care of our diverse team of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, you receive all the care you need from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

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Our private orthopedic practice has the most up to date ultrasound equipment, and all of our physicians have the skills to use them for guided injection. Being able to use ultrasound imagining, we can locate the area of pain and use injection treatment with pinpoint accuracy to maximize relief.

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Digital X-Ray


We have the latest x-ray technologies in our office. With digital x-ray, we can x-ray the troubled area and view it immediately. Within a few minutes, your Island Musculoskeletal Care specialist will show you why you experience pain, and what we can do to repair the problem, and help you recover quickly.

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